Katie Couric Partnership Launches New Apparel Brand Stately Wear

Katie Couric Partnership Launches New Apparel Brand Stately Wear


Launching a brand during the pandemic? Difficult if not impossible.

One phone call changed everything.

Now Stately Wear is fulfilling the praise it received from industry experts at Target, Walmart & Amazon.

“Things were moving slowly, then Katie Couric’s husband, John Molner called from out-of-the-blue and said he loves our duffel bags and uses them every day…for commuting, the beach, skiing, fishing…he and his duffels are inseparable…and everyone who sees them loves them,” said Co-founder Brian Lewis

He said he wanted to partner with us to really launch the brand and "share it with millions.”

Literally, overnight, the trajectory of Stately Wear changed.

Thousands flocked to the site, and like Molner, fell in love with Stately Wear.

The duffel & tote bags are wildly popular…some of the most popular bags in the country…with Stately Wear hoodies, tees, rash guards & leggings riding the bags coattails.

“I can hardly believe he called,” said Lewis. “It is so exciting to share our hippie vibe of respect for people and planet.”

Molner raved "I’m a huge fan of Stately Wear’s duffel bags and they are a wonderful addition to Katie’s Shop. It’s perfect for everything from commuting to fishing trips. They are iconic, eye-catching and high quality.

Prior to Molner’s timely call, former CEO of Calvin Klein, Marty Staff, called Stately Wear ‘one of the hot new brands of the decade’ and experts from Target, Walmart and Amazon called Stately Wear ‘a bold, iconic & exciting modern take on the popular hippie vibe.’

Co-founder Anne Lewis said, “We make each bag one-at-a-time when you order so there is no waste. It is better for the environment. It takes a couple of days to make each one but who doesn’t want to take care of our planet and get something special that is unique and stunning.”

There are moments when an entrepreneur realizes they have something special. We’re lucky to have had quite a few…praise from a global fashion icon from Calvin Klein, praise from top execs at global companies, people surrounding our car to buy our bags…and the one that shared us with millions…partnering with Katie Couric.”

I’ve always looked up to Katie Couric as a female inspiration, giving me extra drive to achieve our dreams and goals with Stately Wear…to make the world a better place.” said Lewis.

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