Hippie Never Looked So Good

Hippie Never Looked So Good

THE HIPPIE THEME waxed and waned in Western popular culture since hippies came in focus in the 1960s, but it’s been surging in popularity since roughly 2019. From hoodies, tees & accessories, the hippie theme, seeps into every fashion category at every price, from Louis Vuitton to Zara, to Gap and everywhere in between. 

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Go to an Earthbound Trading Company store, they have 100+ stores to pick from, and watch the customers.  You'll primarily see young women, 14-30, who identify with the hippie values.  They are romantics, creatives, free-spirits...they are compassionate towards people, animals and the planet. They have their own brands, their own lives...they are true to themselves.  They use our line of apparel & accessories as accents. They wear 'track suits' from the gym with our bestselling duffels...

...they use our totes for the gym, the beach, shopping...

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...it is the ultimate 'modern' hippie look. Integrating pieces of the hippie look, the Stately Wear hippie collection and integrating it with other trends.

...the modern hippie is Stately Wear and Hippie Never Looked So Good.
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