An Asian Connection

An Asian Connection

It is fascinating to see connections with our flag hippie duffel bags.  Orders have poured in for South Korea, Japan & China flag hippie duffels.

If it follows previous trends, then we will see orders for totes, leggings & tumblers next.

What we know for sure, each duffel, tote, rash guard, and pair of leggings and tumbler, are all made one-at-a-time by experts.  No waste, no extras get shipped to landfills. 

Each piece is a celebration of the country & its cultures and fascinating & exciting people.

The duffel bag craze all started with John Molner, co-founder of Katie Couric Media, and Katie's husband, discovering our flag hippie duffels.  He used them for a year, getting compliments on the subway, compliments in coffee shops, and compliments from celebrities...before calling us to partner.  We are forever grateful he called!

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